Cwa Workshop Agreement

A CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is a consultation project that is the subject of an open consultation, which will be officially recognised by the European Standardization Committee (CEN1). This project is being developed as part of a CEN workshop: – Such a workshop is a consensual working group open to the direct participation of all interested parties. – Participants in this workshop are developing the draft CEN workshop (CWA) agreement. – This document is approved and the final version is published on the CEN website. The final CWA is the core of all best practices and criteria in the European criteria for quality internships. There is a broad consensus on quality internships, based on expertise in existing good practices, input from a wider audience and final consensus among different stakeholders. The CEN workshop agreement was developed as follows: First phase of preparation (April-November 2018) – April-June 2018 / Development of the CW project plan. – 3-4 July 2018 / Approval of documents by sprint partners: CW project plan, self-assessment, kick-off meeting agenda. – September 2018 / 30 days of opening comments on the CEN website: the project plan of the censens workshop was open to the public for comments. – November 2018 / CEN Workshop Kick-off Meeting: November 9, 2018. 1.6 The official launch of the workshop will take place at the launch meeting, subject to sufficient support for the workshop`s project plan.

If no agreement is reached, the organization of a new meeting with the candidates will be discussed. 1.8 The Chair decides when an agreement will be reached between the CS participants on the final text of the CWA. 2nd production phase (November 2018-July 2019) – November 2018-January 2019 / SPRINT partners have been working on the first project as input for CWA. – January 2019 / Writing the list of participants in the CEN workshop. – January-July 2019 / Creation of the CWA project by SPRINT partners and participants in the CEN workshop: . January 7, 2019 / First CWA project was sent for advice to ceN workshop participants. . January 18, 2019 / Second CWA project with updated chapters was sent for notification to ceN workshop participants. . January 21, 2019 / Compilation of workshop participants` comments. . January 23, 2019 / First CEN-Workshop meeting was held at AFNOR with all participants to work on the CWA project by exchanging feedback from participants and authorizing entries.

. April 11, 2019 / Second meeting of the CEN workshop . 7 May 2019 / Third meeting of the CEN Workshop 3rd phase of approval (August 2019-January 2020) – September-October 2019 / 60 days of opening of comments by the CEN: the CWA project was publicly available for comment on the CEN website. – November 2019 / Comments on the CWA project are available. – January 2020 / notice meeting. – February 2020 / information to be forwarded to CEN BT for final approval.