Tenancy Agreement Reference Letter

This letter is written with the intention of confirming that [the tenant`s name] is in good condition with [his roommates] and is a good tenant. To my knowledge, [the tenant`s name] has always paid their rent on time and done the homework entrusted to him. In addition, [he/she] followed community rules and kept the rental property clean and in good condition. The letter is written to help the tenant find another apartment to rent. The administration of the apartment writes this letter, giving the character and behavior of the tenant. In most cases, this letter is important, especially when they move to a new field. If you are asked to write this letter, use good and friendly words. Show in your letter that the tenant was trustworthy and made payments on time. Leave your contacts for more details. At the end of your reference letter, don`t forget to provide your contact information! This way, the new landlord can contact you for any other questions about the tenant. Your boss may not talk about your rental history or financial responsibility.

However, you can highlight your personal qualities that would make you a good tenant. For example, you can say that you are always on time, with deadlines, responsible, cooperative and polite. Your validation can also assure your potential homeowner that you will keep your job and a stable income. If you are a volunteer, a reference letter from your volunteer facilitator can also be helpful. When looking for a landlord who writes a letter of recommendation, landlords who have rented a property must give priority over a longer period of time. This will give the new landlord an example of consistency and the tenant`s ability to maintain a respectable relationship with a landlord. Tenants who have often changed apartments should endeavour to follow the recommendations of former landlords with whom they have a good relationship and are close enough to provide an appropriate relationship. Owners are most concerned about reliability; Therefore, a reference that supports the reliability of the tenant is essential. A letter of recommendation from the owner should not be long and should be unloaded with unnecessary language. As long as the relevant information is available (i.e.

the duration of the rent, the monthly rent), the rest of the letter may affect the tenant`s behaviour and reliability.