Align Income Share Agreement

Throw away everything you thought you knew about credit — okay, not everything. What Align offers is not related to interest or original fees. Instead, it funds so-called Income Participation Agreements (SSIs). It is a contract between Align and a borrower, in which Align gives money to a borrower in exchange for a percentage of his future income – up to 10%. The alignment of revenue participation agreements is not currently available in the Finder. However, it would not be worth it if you earn more than the minimum income requirement of $22,000. Read our guide to private credit to see how Align is compared to other financial institutions. Align works best on Trustpilot. As of March 2019, it has reached 9.4 out of 10 comments based on more than 300 reviews. Customers love Align`s speed, customer service and the fact that it offers a financial product that doesn`t depend on your income. align-income-share-funding.png Align Income Share Funding Logo The first and only provider of general-purpose ISAs, Align, aims to be a better financial partner by giving consumers access to the capital they need, more accurately, understandably and more personalizedly. Payments for this new alternative to consumer liquidity are indexed over a period of time to a small percentage of a consumer`s future income and vary according to changes in customer income.

The use of an income-related structure, not a fixed interest rate, better directs the interests of the consumer and the financial partner and offers a simple and flexible option for general consumer spending, such as. B repairs, repairs or medical expenses. Align looks like to better serve the segment of the market, which can not come easily with a few thousand dollars with little warning. It`s time to pay back the lines, plus a percentage of your monthly income. Track how much you owe and expect changes in your refund if your income varies from month to month. This study analysed the desire and feasibility of credit unions to offer an ISA to their members. To determine whether Align could be adapted to the credit system, Filene conducted studies on two credit quality groups: members and employees.