Revolving Credit Facility Agreement Sample

(2) the existence of rights, counter-rights, compensations, defences or other rights that the borrower or subsidiary may have at any time against a beneficiary or purchaser of that LC facility (or any person for whom such a beneficiary or acquirer may act), the applicable LC issuer or any other person connected to that agreement. , transactions contemplated by this facility or by such an LC facility, or an agreement or instrument or unrelated transaction; (iii) No LC issuer is required to issue an LC facility when an order, a judgment or decree of a government authority or arbitrator, in accordance with its conditions, provides for incentivizing or limiting these LC issuers to the issuance of this LC facility, or that a law applicable to these LC issuers or a request or directive (whether they have legal force) on the part of a government authority that is responsible for these LC issuers , the issuance of letters of credit in general or this LC facility in particular, or imposes on the LC issuer, with respect to this LC facility, any limitation, reserve or capital requirement (for which this LC issuer is not otherwise compensated under this substitution), which is not effective at the time of entry into force , or imposes on these LC issuers any unpaid losses, fees or fees that were not applicable on the effective date and which this LC issuer considers in good faith to be essential, and (y) the lender is on that date an insolvent lender, unless such an LC issuer has entered into agreements, including the provision of cash security that is satisfactory to that LC issuer (at its discretion) with the borrower or such a lender in order to eliminate these actual or potential head-on exposures (after the implementation of Section 2.25 (a) (iv) of the defaulting lender, which results either from the LC facility, which was subsequently proposed, of obligations for which such an LC issuer actually or potentially has a fronting exposure, as it sees fit. No LC issuer is required to modify an LC facility if, on that date, that LC issuer was not required to issue that LC facility in its modified form under the terms of the LC mechanism, or (y) the beneficiary of that LC facility did not accept the proposed modification of that LC facility. No LC issuer may act on behalf of the lenders with respect to the facilities it has issued and related documents: and any LC issuer, with respect to the acts or omissions suffered by that LC issuer in connection with the Facility LC applications it has issued or issued , and Facility LC`s requests for such LC, are as complete as if the term “administrative agent” used in Article VII is an LC publisher with respect to such acts or omissions (y) with respect to LC issuers. SECTION 8.05. survival. All assurances and guarantees that the borrower takes in this regard must take into account the performance and delivery of this agreement, the borrowing and issuance of the LC facility, regardless of an investigation by a party for that purpose or on his behalf, and notwithstanding the fact that the administrator or a Lender was aware of an erroneous insurance or guarantee at the time of the extension of a loan. , and remains fully in force and effective as long as an LC facility is pending and as long as the amount of principal or interest accrued for a loan, commission or other amount payable under this agreement are outstanding and are not paid until the commitments have expired or terminated. The provisions of Sections 2.14, 2.18, 2.20 and 8.03 and VII and VII are maintained and maintained regardless of the performance of the proposed transactions, the repayment of loans, repayment obligations and commitments or the termination of this contract or any provision of that agreement.