Hertz Hire Agreement

5. DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE 5.1. The delivery of the vehicle to the renter occurs at the time and place where the renter takes possession of the keys and / or the vehicle. 5.2. With the taking possession of the vehicle, the renter acknowledges that he had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before delivery. The renter has examined and confirmed the damage to the paint, upholstery and other visible parts of the vehicle: 5.2.1. unless, as indicated in the vehicle inspection report made available to the renter upon acceptance of the vehicle provided for in clause 5.1 above, there are no defects or damage to the vehicle and the vehicle was in good condition at the time of pick-up, operational and safe condition; 5.2.2. the vehicle is adapted for the purposes for which it is rented by the lessee; 5.2.3. All hats, spare wheel, tools and other accessories (the “Accessories”) were present in or on the vehicle and in good condition at the time of pickup. Vehicle groups E1, EX, H, F, R, R1, M are subject to a luxury vehicle directive and, therefore, the renter must present two credit cards for all leisure rentals, both of which must be denominated in the name of the renter. One credit card is used to pay the rent and related fees, while the other credit card is used for security reasons. Both credit cards must be engraved on the lease at the time of check-in.

11. RISKS AND LIABILITIES OF THE TENANT 11.1. The renter assumes the risk in and to the vehicle (with the exception of appropriate wear and tear) from the date the vehicle is handed over to the renter within the meaning of clause 5, until the date on which the vehicle is returned to the owner in accordance with clause 7. Except to the extent that the lessor has acted out of gross negligence, fraud or in breach of its contractual obligations, the renter is liable for total damages and/or losses suffered by the vehicle while committed at the risk of the renter, and such damages and/or total losses must be paid immediately by the renter at the request of the owner or his duly accredited representative. 11.2. The Tenant agrees that the Lessor may determine the party that repairs and/or provides parts or services related to such repairs or services, or that it may replace the lost or damaged property, and that the Lessor may enter into an agreement with such party or parties. 45K CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES The tenant acknowledges and agrees that, except to the extent that the lessor has acted with gross negligence, fraudulent intent or in breach of its obligations under this rental agreement), if the tenant does not acquire any of the declarations of waiver, the tenant may be held liable by the lessor for any loss resulting from the incapacity of the lessor, to rent the vehicle due to damage caused by the tenant or due to the tenant`s breach of the lease. The loss, for which the renter can be held responsible, is calculated on the basis of the prices indicated on the rental form, increased by 100 kilometers per day, in which the vehicle could not be rented with a maximum period of 30 days.

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