Praxis Community

Praxis is a community of faith rooted leaders who believe that following God requires ending the pervasive cultures of white supremacy and individualism. We meet as small groups and as a whole community to develop the necessary courage to take commit ourselves to the following practices as way of working alongside God:
  • Taking regular Sabbath
  • Regularly practice embodiment in a way that keeps us aware of how this work is showing up in my body
  • Participate in quarterly inventories on how our relationship dynamics support the ending of oppression (facilitated through Praxis)
  • Explore how we can intentionally use our money to end white supremacy and individualism culture
  • Take public action that demonstrates our prophetic voice
Next Steps for Praxis 
The Praxis 2017 Design Team is meeting today to wrap up this year and plan for 2018. You can expect to see applications for the Praxis 2018 Design Team next week. We will have our planning retreat for Praxis 2018 in late January/early February and the community will start meeting regularly again shortly thereafter. We hope to begin official meetings in March – some groups will meet in the same configuration and others will grow. If you’d like to meet as a Praxis small group between now and then please do. Here are some suggested resources for gatherings.

June 6, 2017 Praxis Community Initial Launch

  • June 6 – July 15 2017 Praxis Circles – Story-sharing for Reconciliation & Justice
  • July 6 – Aug 30 2017Praxis Circles – Power

September 12, 2017 Praxis Community 2nd Gathering

December 5-6, 2017 Praxis Community Retreat