Transforming Congregations & Communities

MNST 562     Transforming Congregations in Community  (3 credit hours of academic credit)

This course will facilitate students to be equipped themselves and to guide others in effectively increasing their capacity for transformational lay leadership and mission development and to more powerfully live into their baptismal covenant. It will give students at any stage of formation or degree program a chance to experiment in partnership with an accredited seminary partner organization through learning, practicing, coaching, training and presenting to one other as they (a) learn the basic tools of missional engagement, (b) practice developing transformational leadership skills, (c) embody their core values in ways that lead to effective, sustainable change, (d) equip disciples for God’s radical transformation of souls and society, and (e) rediscover ways of living the baptismal covenant that have often been neglected. Students develop essential practices of Christian discipleship like shared story or testimony, relational ministries of evangelism and guidance, and holy and effective ways of working with others to advance mission. They will be integrating academic and theoretical disciplines with practical skills of leadership and ministry such as presenting, training, and coaching others for missional engagement. Students will explore various biblical and theological perspectives on practices that use relational power to bring about political, economic, social and spiritual transformation. The course will give students an opportunity to use and apply the models and concepts in a local context as part of the School of Theology’s Missional Engagement Initiative.

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Syllabus for Transforming Congregations & Communities 2013

Syllabus for Transforming Congregations & Communities 2014

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